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How to Play Rugby

Anyone who knows me realized that I’m a little rugby mad. Admittedly, sometimes I go overboard in my support. I love it. The problem is, no one here in the States knows anything about the sport. I think if they gave watching rugby a try then they would come to love it. Unfortunately the game can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know the rules. I’ve found a few articles to make it easier for new fans.

Articles about the Scrum and Lineout

Lineouts and scrums may look alien, but if new fans had an idea of what the rules were, they would realize how awesome those set pieces are.  Here is an article about the lineout, or click here for an article about the scrum. At the bottom of this post you will see a couple of pictures from those game elements.

However, for a quick overview, the lineout is what happens when the ball goes over the touchline. One team gets to throw the ball in, like in soccer. However, the forwards from each team have to get in two lines and try and catch the ball. The scrum is what happens when the ball is knocked on or passed forward. The two teams’ forwards get into two huddles of three rows each, and push against each other. 

Both set pieces are opportunities to tie up all the forwards on the field and create extra space for the backs to exploit. Occasionally you will see set moves, but in the modern game they are hard to pull off.

Rugby Positions

There is one last article for those new to the sport. If you go to the site I linked to, check out the rugby positions article. It will give you a general overview on rugby positions and player numbers. Unlike some American sports, the rugby jersey refers to a specific number on the back of the jersey.

See below for two of my favorite rugby pictures, one of the scrum and the other is the lineout.

The Line-out


The Try from the End of the World!

I found this video the other day. I’ve heard a lot about it but never actually saw it. It’s a very good try, but it is amazing how much the game has changed since back then. The players are certainly bigger!